The STAR and the people speak

The people speak for the common good—but hardly ever does the editorial team of the Globe and Mail.

The Toronto Star on the other hand joined 58 newspapers from 45 countries and speaking 20 different languages in a common front page editorial. Almost unprecedented to be sure—but not for the Star. 25 yeras ago Tom Harpur penned an editorial warning the world of nuclear escalation. These are good examples of a newpaper’s true function of supporting the public interest. It followed ,in this case, from  Star founder Joe Atkinson’s deep Methodist faith.Forget the Globe, The Post and the Sun, allo commercial enterprises, status quo organs not worthy of a subscription.

Back to the people. A good reason to read the Globe’s letters. Here are two noteworthy ones of today

With Stephen Harper’s preferred method of communicating being the well co-ordinated “photo op,” how appropriate it would be for the Conservatives to stage his arrival at the climate talks aboard a mammoth tar sands three-storey tall, 400-tonne dump truck (The World Is Coming To Copenhagen But Canada Is Coming With A Tarred Image – Dec. 7).

Perhaps it could be chauffeured by John Baird? He could double park outside the climate-talk venue while Mr. Harper dashes in to make his standard speech demanding relaxed regulations for countries unwilling to diversify from a carbon-fuel-based economy.

Kelly Rivard, Vancouver

An independent study published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests pollution from the tar sands is nearly five times greater than the industry admits – the mind-boggling toxic equivalent of a major oil spill every year (Oil Sands Pollution Much Higher Than Official Estimates: Study – online, Dec. 7).

I am so ashamed to be Canadian. So, so, so ashamed.

Janet Raymond, Calgary


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