Support our Troops—what a crock

What a crock—”Support our Troops.”

Bob Herbert (below) in the NY Times gets it right.

And Bob as a black columnist understands more than most the heavy burden blacks shouldered in the Vietnam war while war mongers like Cheney, Bush, Limbaugh and Stallone were running for cover.

That’s always a conservative mantra, speak loudly for a burden you’ll never carry; shout idiotic slogans, always pro-war—one in which you’ll never serve as Michael Moore discovered in Fahrenheit 911—only one of 450 in Congress had a a kid in Iraq. All talk and no walk.

And where did this Highway of Heroes come from? As if these dumb wars in countries most of these conscripts know nothing about were the equivalent of  WW ll. Many altruistic kids signed on as if we were still a peacekeeping nation as before. That is before Rick  Hillier and Don Cherry. You can’t build a school and occupy a country. You can’t give bread with a rifle in your hand.

Bob Herbert writes:

The air is filled with obsessive self-satisfied rhetoric about supporting the troops, giving them everything they need and not letting them down. But that rhetoric is as hollow as a jazzman’s drum because the overwhelming majority of Americans have no desire at all to share in the sacrifices that the service members and their families are making. Most Americans do not want to serve in the wars, do not want to give up their precious time to do volunteer work that would aid the nation’s warriors and their families, do not even want to fork over the taxes that are needed to pay for the wars.

To say that this is a national disgrace is to wallow in the shallowest understatement. The nation will always give lip-service to support for the troops, but for the most part Americans do not really care about the men and women we so blithely ship off to war, and the families they leave behind.


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