Canada has made it

If you need proof that stupidity and celebrity have invaded Canada in a big way, two examples are provided.

Sarah Palin  is to attend a fundraiser for two Hamilton hospitals on April 15. Canadians have made it into the big time. Bush made it to Calgary and Toronto. And now Palin, the egomaniacal and supremely unqualified VP candidate in the last US election.

Gabe Macaluso, a member of the committee organizing the Hamilton dinner at Carmen’s Banquet Centre, said: “This is quite the coup. She’s one of the hottest speakers on the Speakers Bureau. The demand is huge.”

Even in Steeltown where they boo at funerals, people will line up to see Sarah Palin.

And on the CBC  Friday night news as the planet is melting and our Canadian PM is making a laughing stock of this country,Tiger Woods leads the news.

Celebrity. Why did we ever think the 49th parallel was a buffer?

How do Christians meaningfully celebrate Christmas in such a context?


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