Merry warlike Christmas

Barack Obama, the self-styled  but low key Christian, gave his “just war” speech last week. It was one  that made little sense justifying war in Afghanistan. Experts reckon less than 250 members of Al Qaida are still  there. Others, if there are any, are hiding in Pashtun enclaves in Pakistan or in a small cell in a big Western city. The sole reason for Bush’s bombing there was  the hunt for Osama. What this says is that America is deep in a militarist mindset that it cannot wean itself from. The $ 1 trillion nut spent on imperial projects is destroying any hopes of economic or moral recovery. Not to say anything that smacks of Christianity. More money is spent on US military than all of the countries in the world—together. And where is the threat?

And where is the threat to Canada, formerly a peace-keeping nation. A   new report just released  shows we are spending $21.195 billiion in 2009-2010. Is this not extraordinary, nay obscene for us? Imagine little Canada’s spending on this nonsense is 13th in the world. We are up $1.8 billion from last year. In contrast our spending on environmental concerns  is 1.0 billion. since 2001 we have blown $23 billion on the military.

Budgets are moral documents and we the US and Canada are moral failures.


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