Kenney and KAIROS

Hopefully the latest flap (KAIROS) that Jason Kenney and the Tories are embroiled in will wake Canadians up as to their real agenda. It appears to be the eradication of democracy and the focused pursuit of a majority where they can really define Canada in their own image—a free market clone of the United States.

Why this shocking tilt to Israel?—the number of Jews in Canada is not even close to those of Muslims.

There may be two reasons, Harper’s lieutenants are Rapture end time Christian zionists and actually believe this bizarre theology or b) many Jews are opinion makers and Harper wants them onside.

As far as the dumb antisemitic canard about KAIROS this letter in the STAR puts it well.

Legitimate criticism is not racism

Letters to the Editor, Tue Dec 22 2009
Toronto Star

Re: Fury grows over anti-Semitism charge, Dec. 19

As a Jewish academic who knows closely the horrifying reality of anti-Semitism, I am outraged by the systematic effort to confuse it with legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies.

The latest episode is the gutting of Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funding to KAIROS, an ecumenical aid organization. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney suggested the funding was lifted as part of the Conservative government’s effort to cut-off anti-Semitic organizations.

I know first hand the work of KAIROS, and its predecessor, the Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America, for almost 20 years.

This is an organization with an unequalled commitment to human rights, ethics, transparency and social justice. To say that this suggestion of anti-Semitism is baseless is an understatement.

Furthermore, this action severely harms CIDA’s integrity and its international reputation – one more instance whereby the Harper government undermines Canada’s standing in the world.

Dr. Ricardo Grinspun,
Department of Economics and Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean,
York University



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