Thank you, Seymour!

Where is Seymour Melman whe we need him?

The brilliant teacher and professor at Columbia died  around this time  at age 87, 5 years ago. His research on the permanent war economy of the US was invaluable. Melman consistently showed that an equivalent sum of money poured into civilian projects would literally recreate the United States. Instead the war mongers that Eisenhower warned of in 1961 had their way and the uconscionable waste on military projects and the ridiculous number of American bases dragged the US economy down and down.

Well with no global threat in evidenc—now that the wall has fallen and 250 Al Qaida members hold up in Pakistan, the US under OBama is still spending like a drunken sailor

A recent report stated that  even without counting the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Department of Defense budget has been moving relentlessly upward since 2001. The Pentagon budget  has jumped from $296 billion in 2001 to $513 billion in 2009, a 73% increase. And again, that’s not even counting the over $1 trillion in taxpayer money that has been thrown at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even if those wars had never happened, the Pentagon would still be racking up huge increases year after year after year.

The permannent war  budget is a reality.

And so is the bizarre religiosity of America, the world leader in church attendance and military budgets.

O come O come Emmanuel!

And thank you Seymour for your great work.


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