“Living easy is dangerous”-Nietzsche

CRAIC the well known think tank in Toronto’s least end posed the question: What happened to the extraordinary societal  effervescence in the last 30 years.

Many thoughtful answers were forthcoming.

Television—no, it only pulled the Americans off the activist street. They became passive and today, they seem to be eating feces with a spoon while the banks get bailed out and Wall St saved. These couch potatoes are more interested in Survivor shows, sports and other ephemera. They are in a dream world.

Corporate dominance of the whole culture overwhelmed people, made them feel small and inconsequential. The boomers became contented with their good fortune and nestled by the fire. In the end they were co-opted and became part of the problem.

Longhead pointed to the subversion of the prophetic principle among Catholics and Jews. They became part of the establishment, voting Conservative and Israel.

The discussion continues.


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