NO WAY JOSE-Escriva rejected

Opus Dei founder Jose Escriva was formally made  a saint in 2002.  His huge moneyed backers catapulted  him into the holy pantheon. On July 6, 1991, Pope John Paul II promulgated a decree approving the necessary miraculous cure, and beatified Escrivá on May 17, 1992, before around 300,000 pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square. A  new ultramontane hero in JP ll’s church—way ahead of John 23 and Oscar Romero stil languishing on the sidelines.

To much of the Catholic world, this shocking act, the saint- making of a reactonary churchman  who courted the rich and rejected Vatican ll was the last straw. Saint making had reached farcical levels.

In that sad year of 1992  the TSJ players rented a flat bed truck and parked it in front of Toronto’s Catholic cathedral and performed their street thetare called NO WAY JOSE.

People gathered round, genuinely interested in the performance—until they realized that Josemaria  had failed the heavenly test and was actually rejected by the actors.

Not funny declared some people. How dare you.

We dared. Not much laughter any more in the Roman Church.


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    sacolargo Says:

    ah yes, I do remember that day fondly, but then we thought that maybe (hopefully) this was just one of those foibles, an error in calculation, but JP2 rushed to canonize a multitude of weirdos. Now his successor wants to do a rush job on JP2 before any historical analysis can be completed, because a canonization is an infallible statement after all, so once canonized they cannot be de-listed unless like Filomena and Christopher they turn out to be simply non-existent (myths, fairy tales, dissemblings) – and while the non-thinking church goer applaudes the elevant of the photogenic JP2 they will slip Pius XII in along side him hoping that no one actually notices. What the heck, they might as well include the pedophile founder of the Legionaries – Marcial Maciel who predicted that he would be made a saint in a short time.

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