Religion and Haiti

Some thoughts on  religion in Haiti.

A people under oppression often resort to apocalyptic bizarre religion.

People running through the streets after the earthquake: Jesus is coming. The first signs of the return. Book of Revelations stuff, totally misunderstood.

Then we have those tossing their bibles into fires. There is no God. People unable to distinguish a natural disaster from God. “He must be angry”, “He is telling us sometthing”. Not really. He is telling you to use your coconuts and built better infrastructure which can withstand tremors—and some of this engineering may not do it.

Then religious wackos like Robertson. Haiti made a pact with the devil years ago. No we see what has happened.And he ran fir Prez of the USA—but so was Bush who told us God told him to invade Iraq. Not the God of Jesus.

Then the goofy voodoo boys. Did you notice all the Catholic churches were flattened. So what. It’s a Catholic country!

And so on.

The most authentic religion was that of Aristide, the liberationist priest who linked God as an anti-oppressor. People were not made to bake bricks for pharaoh. Organize and demand the rights you posses as a child of God.

He got about 85% of the vote only to be ushered out by Uncle Sam for upsetting the colonial.client relationship.

Then there is the authentic faith of the people who band together after a stunning natural tragedy.

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