Catholic Holland in free fall

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht has said he expects the fall in church attendance in the Netherlands to continue over the next decade. By 2020 only 10 percent of the Dutch population will belong to the Roman Catholic denomination, Archbishop Eijk told daily De Telegraaf.


One of the consequences of the ongoing secularisation is that some 400 Catholic and 600 protestant churches will have to close in the next ten years, the archbishop said.

Whatver happened to Holland you say?

A CATHOLIC COUNTRY, VERY PROGRESSIVE IN THE 80S ( REMEMBER THE DUTCH CATECHISM) had every reason to hope for the birth of a new church.And they planned for it by instituting a country wide synod of all the faithful, something bishops are terrified of today. They know there is a huge gulf between them and the faithful.

Undfer the great Cardinal Ajfrink they met, discusse and prayed for discernment and they came to a consensus, a real consensus fidelium: an end to celibacy and a move toward ordaining maried men and then….

The then never came.

The gentle Hamlet of a pope Paul 6th panicked and put an end to progressive reform. John Paul ll then virttually destroyed the vibrant Dutch Church by putting in place a series of reactionary prelates and when he came to Holland the people on the 8th of May 1985 turned their backs on the papal parade.A Dutch woman Hedwig Wasser gave the pope a piece of her mind a la Theresa Kane

Holland has never recovered.

10% and sliding.So very sad and unnecssary.


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    mimdala Says:

    Perhaps you have forgotten what it means to be a Catholic. It is fairly easy to do in this world. I will try to remind you. Please forgive me if I am telling you something you already knew.

    To be a Catholic is to be a part of Jesus Christ’s institution upon earth. That institution is headed by the Pope, the Cardinals, and the Bishops of the Church. It is a hierarchical organization that, at its head (on earth) is the Pope. So, putting it simpler, to be a Catholic is to follow the beliefs that the Vatican and the Pope have (religious beliefs that is). If you prefer a position of what you think is more “liberal” or “progressive” the door is always open. There are innumerable denominations of Christianity that are just as “open” and devoid of rules as you seem to like. Or, if none of those strike your fancy, a good “Build your own decaying Religion” kit is probably available via eBay or Amazon.

    Perhaps, and this is only a suggestion, people can feel when they are being fed ersatz food, and they know that the dumbing down and betrayal of Catholic tradition makes a Church that is, really, useless in following. Why not just become a hedonistic non-theist?

    In any case, following the teachings of the Vatican is what being a Catholic is. Making a religion of what ever comes to mind is what you seem to be after.

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