You and the pro lifers

Michael Novak

John You the disgarced US Justice lawyer and enabler of torture in the Bush admin once again displayed his moral obtuseness in a recent TV interview,

Asked if it was OK to massacre civilians in wartime, You replied , no problem.

“If, I thought it was militarily necessary. All you have to do is look at American history…. Look at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ”

And he didn’t stop there. You stated  the decision it was the president’s decision alone. Wrong.

Historians wrote about the positive glee that Harry Truman showed when he bombed Hiroshima thus opening the nuclear age. The latter according to IF Stone was a small man living in the shadow of the giant FDR. Now Truman has been rehabilitated among Americans.

Now You is a law professor who probably won’t be dragged before any court for his shocking advice.

Worse that You are the theocons Michael Novak and George Weigel who went to Rome to convince the Vatican it was dead wrong to reject the slaughter in Iraq. The inhouse Republican  theologians (Novak received $1.5 million from right wing think tanks) to the White House have never apologized for their enabling of the Iraq slaughter.

After the invasion contrary to all international law, Cardinal Ratzinger stated the obvious: There were not sufficient reasons to invade Iraq.

A million dead, 2 million refugees.

Pro life?

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    lfcmyers7 Says:

    This is an issue that I have often thought about, and I hope other people can say the same thing. You’re blog on the subject was…entertaining.

    If you seriously want to compare the war in Iraq to Hiroshima, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. That is a subject that you simply should not touch, and I know you think you are getting some ground-breaking news reports here, but honestly, check your facts. Hiroshima was far worse a situation than Iraq will ever become, people are still being personally affected by its damage, especially in Japan. But Iraq is directly affecting the lives of much fewer people, and the effects of it are quite short-term. I am not disagreeing with you, in fact, I agree, the war was completely unnecessary, and I am glad you included the information on Mr. Novak…but do not dare expect people to take you seriously if you are going to compare it to Hiroshima.

    Also, do not dare expect people to take you seriously with the countless spelling and grammar errors in your posts. I sincerely you were never a teacher or anything at some point…

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