Brian Burke spreads the “myth.”

Well the Olympics are over and Canada breathes a sigh of relief as the great Crosby sinks the Yanks in overtime. A  good game, hockey at its best, would have been even better on the large ice but what the hell.

Another sour note about Brian Burke and his attempt to pump up the American side by bringing in wounded vets to “share their stories.”

What is it with Americans?

They just can’t get past the myth. A myth of militarism which continues to consume them, drain their coffers, steal money from the poor  and act as policeman to the world.

Brian Burke was the GM of the team and Leaf supremo .During a team meeting on Monday, the US team was visited by wounded American soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. A motivational ploy. How tiresome.

“It’s unbelievable to hear their stories,” said Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils and Minneapolis. “It’s really emotional. They talked about relying on each other and stressed the importance of being a team.

Yeah—a team doing what? Forcing their wills on Muslim nations where they have no right to be.

Now Burke is no dummy but he is the one behind Leaf defenceman Luke Schenn adopting a soldier before every Leaf game.

That’s great, a Yank running the most trad Canadian team and foisting this US macho nonsense on us.

Fits right in with the new Canada of Steve Harper who was sitting there with the great cheer leader of the Iraq invasion, American Wayne Gretzky.


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