Israel Apartheid Week

In an unanimous vote (with 30 MPPs in attendance) the Ontario Legislature condemned Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) which began March 1. The attack on IAW is intensifying as a Conservative MP is poised to introduce a motion in the House of Commons condemning IAW when parliament reconvenes . This is the surest proof that the world is catching up to the unconscionable oppression of the Palestinian people.

Liberal MPP MIke Colle, usually a rational politician but who represents a large bloc of Jewish voters outdid himself in Toronto

This demonstrates a horrific example of what is really hate speech that has been put into a systematic attack on the only democracy in the Middle East. It’s called Israeli Apartheid Week. It’s just ludicrous.

Here is a small democracy surrounded by all these dictatorships. The organizers of this week never look at what is happening in Yemen or maybe Saudi Arabia or that regime in Iran. They don’t bother with those regimes and the incredible amount of torture and systemic abuse of people, their populations, but they pick on Israel. Why do they pick on Israel? It has nothing to do with Muslims, nothing to do with Palestine; it has to do with this long-time systemic hate against anything to do with the Jewish religion. That’s what it is.

Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, terrified of the Israel lobby was caught out when an article of his in London’s Guardian appeared from 2002. Ignatieff stated the obvious

I knew I was not looking down at a state or the beginning of one, but ata a bantustan one od those pseudo-states created in the dying years of apartheid to keep the African population under control

In Israel, McCarthyite attacks are being levelled at Israelis of conscience who are pointing to the obvious and can no longer stomach the statist oppression. These brave citizens are veing singled out for dragging the country down to where it is today, a virtual pariah on the international stage.

Internationally the US and Canada are virtually alone in their support with Canada brooking no dissent from a rabid pro-Israel position.

Led by the Prime Minster and Jason Kenney the Harperites are ready to ratchet up the ante in the House they shut down in December.

That this House considers itself to be a friend of the State of Israel; that this House is concerned about expressions of anti-Semitism under the guise of ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’; and that this House explicitly condemns any action in Canada as well as internationally that would equate the State of Israel with the rejected and racist policy of apartheid.”

All of the brave people like Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter and Henry Siegman the former head of the American Jewish Congress who note the obvious parallels with apartheid are to believed over the political hacks most of whom have never seen what the above have witnessed.

Apartheid of course was sui generis. Israel’s shoving Palestinians into disconnected cantons (a word that Ariel Sharon used to describe them) is not the same as South Africa’s model. But it’s pretty damn close.


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    polpursun Says:

    From the piece, “Here is a small democracy surrounded by all these dictatorships.”

    Well, first part wrong: the best can be claimed for Israel is democracy mirage, which is true for, essentially, wherever what is referred to as democracy is practiced, it being granted that some places ARE worse than others. Empire is fundamentally incompatible with democracy. The empire —- whose emperor appears (AND has appeared for a long time, regardless of the individual who was/is emperor at any particular time), de facto, to be the puppet to Israel’s puppeteer, i.e. the sub/regional-emperor —– after all, has acted/ acts to impose democracy at the end of guns.

    However, second part right: The “friends” of the empire — the entity pushing democracy — in the region are Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Let’s put it this way: On a continuum with even democracy mirage at one end and dictatorship at the other these would fall pretty close to that other end.

    I refer the reader to This brought to mind my comment to “The War on Democracy Pt 1” of July 6, 2007 on this site. If it accessed read the second comment first and then point 6 of the first comment.

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