The dying church


What an irony, going to the funeral of our good friend, a great priest who went to glory on Monday. He got it. He heard the cries of the poor, he marched for justice. A gentle man, his life spoke volumes.Sadly his send off was submarined by the clerical caste,

When his older brother, another fine priest  died, he was told in no uncertain terms he was not to let the Archbishop pull rank and say his funeral. The brother , had spent years enduring “the winter of the church” under a wholly incompetent reactionary bishop.He got on with his work and did what he could, all with a grand sense of irony and humour. And his brother said his funeral mass.

When the younger brother was sent off, he obviously did not have the strength to insist on a more qualified celebrant and homilist who would have made his life sing. Instead we had second hand ecclesiatical boiler plate from the present bish. We got the words but not the music. Another tone deaf “leader”.

The huge number of graying priests on the altar pictured perfectly the passing of the old order. Presided over by the new bishop who dismantled the pastoral work of his two excellent predecessors was as we would say in Latin, triste dictu. Very sad in the telling.

These boys have no idea of the lamentable picture they present.

As my brother woud say, “It isnt’ going down.”

Not at all.


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