An excellent Good Friday

A meaningful Good Friday it was for the Roman Church.

Although the Roman Catholic Church descrived itself as an “ecclesia semper reformanda” at Vatican ll, the reformanda appeared to be sidelined around 1970 when the good man Paul Vl panicked and stopped the Dutch Church from going ahead with its Reformanda. They had collectively decided that celibacy and married priesthood were on the burner ready to be changed. Papa say no. This was going too far. Not far enough the people said.

The Dutch  were not sepeaking for anybody else but for  themselves.They had been convened and decided together at a real synod, This is the way we wish to go; this is our collective discernmemt.Paul was stunned. Surely the Reformanda was over. After alll we just ahd Vatican ll! Well, we know whatr happened the Dutch chuych began to fly apart. When JP arrived in Holland they turned their back on him—literally. You won’t listen to us, well Papa it’s a too way street.

Then JP ll who actually tried to reverse Vatican ll along with his enforcer Josef Raztinger. Pliant bishops were appointed everywhere to stem the democratic church the people wanted. Well, more folks simply left and the most creative priests, those who remembered Vatican ll departed. The young fogeys, not as bright began to take their place.

Still the “sensus fidelium” would not go away. The best educated generation of Catholics knew that the Spirit was not the property of the clerics, that the Vatican was not “the Church”, that the People of God was  an actual part of the Magisterium.

And now we see the Church imploding—and on Good Friday!

The new wine is exploding the old wineskins.The old church is starting to die.

An excellent Good Froday. Nothing to be afraid of. Easter is advancing.

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