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Suddenly lay input!

April 18, 2010

The Archbishop of Toronto suddenly wants lay input! He wants to hear from us!

How strange is that, a bishop actually soliciting the sensus fidelium.

And going on You Tube to prove how serious he is about strict protocols on sex offenders.

Not impressed.

Well that horse left the barn a long time ago.We know now that the RC church will not tolerate any coddling of priest molesters.Let’s move on, brothers to more substantive issues.

Sex abuse  is no longer the issue. Your inability to truly listen to the People of God is the issue.Honouring the sensus fidelium is the issue.

Can she tolerate mature believers who are demanding a say in how their church is run?

The archbishop wants a blue ribbon panel of largely women to oversee this.

Wow.Will he listen to what most women want to tell him: stop propping up a sexist church.

Will he call diocesan synod and truly hear the people of God he is supposed to serve.I doubt it. He has been told he is the “teacher” in “his” diocese like all the JP ll bishops, they answer to a majority of one—Rome and this is the crucx of the institutional problem.

No follow up on collegiality. No true dialogue.