God is pro-war

Our main man, Jerry

When we get some perspective (though many understood it at the time), we realize how insane the religiosity of GW Bush and his White House was. Bad enough to hear David Frum’s remark that when he was in the government  a familiar refrain was , “Missed you at the prayer meeting.”

But general Boykin takes the cake as a certifed nutbar.The man who led the search for Bin Laden was a regular on the evangelical circuit draped in combat gear.

“Why is this man (Bush) in the White House? I tell you because God put him there!”

And who is the enemy? bin Laden? Nah

Hussein? Nah

Kim Jong Il? Nah

The Taliban? Nah

The enemy is a guy called Satan! He wants to destroy this nation.”

This is the same soldier  who led the Black Hawk Down mission in Mogadishu and took pictures which showed balck smears.

Yes! “A demonic presence.” And “God reveled it to me”. as God told GW to make war on Iraq.

And let’s not forget the late Jerry Falwell: “God is pro war!”



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