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Los Suns

May 7, 2010

Leave it to Canada’s gift to the NBA Victoria’s Steve Nash to lead the Phoenix Suns to a justice stance vis a vis Arizona’s draconian and racist bill forcing Arizonans to prove citizenship on the spot. This ugly piece of legislation by a right wing Republican admin has been trashed almost everywhere (including the US bishops) but it took a bold move by Nash to give it national attention.

With power forward Amare Stoudamire  he approached owners about the simple change on their jerseys to read “Los Suns.” a nice act of solidarity. The move has quickly been picked up by Latino ball players who to a man said they will not play in an all star game in Arizona if the law is enacted. Given the number of Latinos, this is turning into a major migraine for big league baseball.

Sport and politics don’t mix? Who said so?

The question for Canadians should be—where were the Amerks and Canucks when Don Cherry was slagging Europeans. One player with guts could have rounded up dozens of hockey sleepy heads to get Cherry to apologize or better still get him off the national broadcaster. They could have said, “We’re not playing while this oaf is spreading his poison. But nothing happened

Now look at the damage this guy has done  with his racist pro-war screeds.