Benny fesses up

Now the media is exonerated

So now it turns out  it’s not the media who are persecuting Holy Mother Church over the clerical sex abuse and episcopal cover ups, the problem according to the Pope is “born from the sins within the church,” and not from a campaign by outsiders. So speaketh Josef Ratzinger on May 11 on the papal plane headed to Portugal.

The pontiff said the Catholic church has always been tormented by problems of its own making — a tendency that is being witnessed today “in a truly terrifying way.”

Well this is a step forward. But why stop there?

Now it would look on the pope to acknowledge his own work in proscribing the theological reflections  of so many fine minds with whom he disagreed as the Grand Inquisitor under John Paul ll.

This heavy handed  shutting down of the intellectual apparatus of the church will be a permanent stain on Ratzinger’s career. To many it bordered on cruelty. No theologian was ever convicted of anything and many suffered grievously for their work. Shattered lives, breakdowns, the stultification of theology have had terrible ramifications for the broader church. And Ratzinger smiled and played Mozart as he did this.

Maybe this is a new beginning. and maybe the pope should take the high road and admit his own blindness in doing little while he was head of the CDF.


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