Bill Maher, secular fundamentalist

Poor Billy Maher attacked on his own show.

It was somnething to see.  Last week the militant atheist challenged by two articulate guests on his shallow understanding of religion and faith. He didn’t know what to do or really say when this happened. Like many secular fundamentalists he showed himself to be quite narrow and unable to comprehend anybody’s Christianity or religious view of life.

Now Maher’s show is unique—but it’s HBO—not available to all. It is certainly in the vanguard of subjecting American exceptionalism to trenchant criticism.You might recall Maher lost a network show after 9/11 when he said that whoever piled into the Manahattan Towers certainly was no coward. They went down with the ship while guys like John McCain  rained death from 30,000 feet on innocent Vietnamese.

Since then Maher has shown himself to be an astute observer of US politics and  one not afraid to strongly criyicize the Pailins and Bushes of our lives. Week after week he proves how well informed he is.

But when it comes to religion Billy, the product of Jewish/Catholic upbringing is hopelesssly narrow as his movie Religolouss showed…cheap shots at the worst straw men in Christendom. It was funny but the target much too easy and simple.

Billy apparently has no sense of mystery or the deep wells of faith.

A good book to read on fundamentalisms of secular and religious stripes is Chris Hedges I Don’t Believe in Atheists.

Bill could profit  by reading it.


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