Papal chutpzah-or amnesia

Addressing the clergy of Rome in 2007, Pope Benedict told  his listeners that “new forms of life are being born in the church, just as they were born down the ages.” Yes, but a motherhood statement affirming the omnipresence of the Spirit.

Then Il Papa zeroed in a painful truth.

Benedict . maybe recalling Francis, Clare or Mary Ward, anticipated how necessarily disruptive and challenging God’s gifts can be, especially for administrators. So he counseled his audience to gentleness and patience in exercising their pastoral responsibility for coordinating gifts in the local community.

“The first rule,” he told them, “is: do not extinguish Christian charisms; be grateful even if they are inconvenient.”

Mmm.Is this the same Benedict who almost singlehandedly ( no, with orders from the Boss) quashed these “inconvenient truths” of over one hundred theologians?

It was at this time (1990) that the Catholic Theological society of America with Canadian Basilian Walter Principle as head   erupted and counseled the Vatican in similar language, that of Thessalonians, “Do not extinguish the Spirit.”

Are there two Benedicts?


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