The Body and Blood

Corporations aree committed to the market economy.They have the same opposition to any national or international government regulation. They are especially resistant to any restraints on their activities based on protection of the environment…They have corrupted the government.They have devastated the naturakl endowment of the North American continent.”

Thomas Berry The Great Work

A post Pentecost Sunday today, the feast of the Body and blood and the oil continues to gush out into God’s Body, the sacred waters and earth.

Think of all the Mel Gibson like  meaningless sermons will be preached in churches today. Dead heads looking back to the blood on the Cross missing the crucifixion of the Body today.

Oil addiction in the country which is the most “Christian” of all, people who comprise less than 4% of the earth consuming 25% of the world’s resources and oil.

And a  smart enough president saying that he before this catastrophe was set to drill again really believing that the BPs of our lives don’t cut corners to maximize profits. Drill baby, drill. Let the market rule.Corporations know what they are doing.Get governments off our backs.

The result more of Christ’s blood spilled in the name of profit.


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