Huffing and puffing on Israel

It appears Canada is getting as politically correct as the US on Israel.Winess the huffing and puffing over the remarks of BC NDPer Libby Davies. The usual nonsense  came out of Steve Harper’s mouth but the Lib spokesman jumped all over Davies.

Libby Davies suggested that the occupation of Palestinian territories began in 1948, the year of Israel’s independence and also expressed her personal support for a campaign to boycott and sanction the country.

And quick to the PC charge was Bob Rae,the Libs foreign affairs critic.

“These are not the off-the-cuff ramblings of any ill-informed or biased person.Ms. Davies is the deputy leader of a political party that aspires to reflect and represent the views of Canada on the international stage. In this role, fully cognizant of her responsibilities, she stated that Israel has been occupying territories since 1948, the year of its independence. The logical implication of these comments is that Israel has no right to exist.

Hmm.I don’t see that leap in logic.

I do see the fact of the Occupation.

Of course Rae did not state his own bias. His wife Arlene Perly is Jewish and Rae has a longtime aversion to mentioning any Palestinian suffering.

Closer to the mark was Larry Haiven of independent Jewish Voices, “What’s next? Will Canadian politicians have to take a loyalty oath to the State of Israel in order to hold office? The feeding frenzy is outrageous. Libby Davies is one the bravest and most honest politicians in Canada. She has done more for a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians than any other Canadian politician. ”


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