G 20 set up: Officer Paul speaks

Officer Paul, our favourite ex-cop, laughed about the burning cop cars at the G-20.

Just stage props, he said. Part of the drama.

Officer Paul laughed and said the boys would have bee told to take all the valuables out of the car before you leave it to the few yahoos to trash.

Like who would leave a police car unattended?

“I would have had to pay for it if I was still on the job,? he chuckled.

The media of course love this theatre. They put it on a loop , keep running it over and over  and all the deadheads who have never marched, wrote or picketed for anything in their lives, and who live in the suburban mind were convinced Toronto was burning. Good for those cops for saving our bacon! All it would have  taken was 100 cops ( out of 14,000) on Yonge Street to stop the pillaging.

All those who don’t care enough about the massive gap between rich and poor , who don’t get that working people globally are paying for Wall Street’s greed wade in with their uninformed commentary. All devoid of serious analysis.

Now folks are waking up to the fact that this was Steve Harper’s gift to Toronto where he has no votes. Let them deal with it was his attitude, knowing full well what had happened in every other urban setting which hosted this debacle.

A billion bucks wasted. Democracy diminished and fear and cynicism stoked.

Real leadership.

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