Chutzpah and Iran

Talk about chutzpah.

The she was Heather Reisman of Chapters leading the campaign against Iran and the now cancelled and despicable stoning of an Iranian citizen. Big oped in the Globe.

Ah and there was former Liberal Cabinet minister Irwin Cottler yesterday in Jerusalem with his The Responsibility to Prevent Coalition, in high dudgeon about Iranian nukes. Iran by the way  has no nukes while Israel has a roomfull. Cotler’s wife, Ariela, is a native of Jerusalem who and worked as a legislative assistant to the Likud parliamentary members from 1967 to 1979.So Cottler is hardly an honest broker.

As Donald Grayston eloquently put it in a Globe letter today:

“Iran, they say, threatens to develop nuclear weapons, practices incitement to genocide, sponsors terrorism and abuses the rights of its own citizens. Reading this, I can only wonder whether the psychological habit of projection is not at work here. Take “Iran” out of this summary, substitute “Israel,” and it still makes sense. Israel already possesses nuclear weapons, does not inhibit genocidal statements (on walls and elsewhere) about “Arabs” (meaning Palestinians), conducted an assault on Gaza intended to generate terror, and treats its citizens of Arab descent as second-class citizens.”

One naturally should be appalled at the Iranian situation  and I added my signature at avaz. But this is not the point.

But Reisman —wow.The mind boggles. You’ll never find Jeff Halper’s books (An Israeli in Palestine)or Avraham Burg’s (The Holocust is Over) or Jimmy Carter’s (Peace, Not Apartheid) as one of Heather’s picks. No and it won’t be public knowledge that she and hubby Gerry Schwartz  who control Chapters,  support Israeli soldiers enforcing the illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine. The Israeli military has a well-documented history of human rights violations and war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Lebanon.

Heather Reisman and Schwartz sre proud sponsors of  “Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers”, which provides scholarships and other financial support to soldiers in the Israeli Military on the basis of need and military “achievement”. These Lone Soldiers are those  iwithout family in Israel who have chosen to join the Israeli military and remain in the country permanently. There is an international boycott of Chapter for this reason.

So whenever you hear Irwin Cottler or Heather Reisman bleating about Iran—caveat emptor.

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