Two sleepy people- West Bank check point

Crossing from the West Bank into Israel involved going through one of the noxious check points Palestinians deal with every day.

Here we met two sleepy people, young Israeli women, puting in their two years of service. I was astonished at their utter boredom.They were literally laying virtually parallel to the ground, waving people through. Had a police chief in Toronto seen this unprofessional behaviour, they would have been reprimanded severely for their job performance.

And there they were, at the first line of defence, surrounded by cameras and  the infamous Wall which has already stolen about 10% more Palestinian land.

Canadians simply showed their passports and were waived through.Then came Palestinians, mainly men old enough  be their fathers and grandfathers, having to place their hand prints on a machine which is part of the brilliant Israeli security apparatus.  Israel has perfected  ways to pen up and cage  a proud people, refugees in their own native  land. It is a multi  billion dollar industry for the state.

How much more impressive it would be if they took that brilliant Askenazic talent and put it at the service of empathy and understanding. Instead it takes these young kids at 18 and gives them literally the power of life, death and movement over another people yearning to be met as equals as “blood brothers and sisters.”

How much more meaningful it would be for these young women to do state service  in a day care in Gaza or a summer camp in Hebron where they could meet their “cousins” and hear their stories.

Instead we watch two kids, half asleep doing the state’s bidding, looking at their watches and wondering with the rest of the world, when will this finally be over.


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