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No context and no justification

September 1, 2010

More sad news around the boiling cauldron of Hebron—4 settlers killed by Hamas militants. Increasingly isolated by Palestinians much like the provos of the IRA were. These killers of innocent life wish to derail any attempt at peace in Israel/Palestine. There is no justification for these heinous acts.Each life is an ikon of the divine.

What is always missing of course is the consistent settler violence ignored by the Israeli Defense Force-and most of the news agencies.In general these lunatic fundamentalists are despised by most in israel and young Israelis tossed into the West Bank sometimnes wonder, who are they defending, these ugly provocateurs or Palestinians

Since 2009 there have been 260 acts of settler violence around Hebron alone.Most involve uprooting olive trees, poisoning wells, sheep etc.The harrassment  is continuous and it includes overt and unprovoked physical attacks like the following narrated by a young female soldier:

“I was in Hebron once and there was this stunning little blond girl, about 8,the Little Demon we called her. She was a Jewish girl ferom the settlements. She would pass us by near the outpost in her Shabbat dress, all neat and cute and smiling. And then she saw some Arab walk by her and she grabbed this huge rock and ran towards him and boom-she banged him on the head with it….and the man was an old man walking along the street.Then she started yelling,”yuck, his blood is all over me, so sickening”! And he turned to her and went like this, and the soldier who was with me charged at him and punched him as though he was threatening this little girl.I stood there in absolute shock.I didn’t know what to do with myself. an innocent little blond girl in her shabbat -best has just banged an Arab in the head with a rock and the soldier has punched him in the face for turning around and yelling at the girl. She  had a baby brother in a pram . She’d hand him little stones  and say, “Throw it at the Arab.” And he was this tiny thing in a pram and he’d go like that and pretend to throw.”