No Tears for Tony Blair

You almost feel sorry for Tony Blair. Last Wednesday this sad man had to cancel a book signing in a central London store. The week before eggs were tossed in Dublin. Now protestors are threatening to show up at another signing attempt at London’s Tate Gallery on the Thames. Last week Blair tried his hollow spin on the CBC with Pastor Mansbridge. Such angst.

Like his pal Clinton, Blair had to suck up to money and take Labour away from its traditional commitment to the public good.Like Clinton he was ultimately corrupted.Imagine buying into such an evil war and holding hands with war criminals GW Bush and Dick Cheney.As Maureen Dowd said,  he should have “ reached for the garlic and crucifixes when  Dick hatched his sulfurous schemes.”

It is obvious Blair is haunted by his monumental blunder which encouraged the likes of Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz In the end it brought so much suffering to the Iraqi people,almost incalculable.So he’s giving the profits of his shameless mea ciulpa to a soldier’s charity. Spare no tears for Mr T. He like Clinton pulls in a minimum $200,000 per speech.

And now discredited as he is he is a special envoy justifying Israel’s depredations to the world.In a shocking speech in Israel last week he virtually blessed everything that Israel was doing.Self defense of course.Here is one of his pathetic analogies:

“Israel,” he said, “lost 1,000 citizens to terrorism in the intifada. That equates in UK population terms to 10,000.”

Dr Hanan Chehata the public relations director of the Middle East Monitor responded thusly:

If Blair wants to play the numbers game then why didn’t he also acknowledge that around 6,000 Palestinians were killed during that same period, which would equate to 60,000 Britons? During “Operation Cast Lead” Israeli soldiers killed more than 1,400 Palestinians in just 22 days compared to 3 Israeli civilians killed by rockets and 6 Israel soldiers who were killed in the assault, 3 of them by Israeli friendly fire. If Blair wants to argue in terms of quantitative death tolls wouldn’t that mean that Israel should be the country under siege and confined to the largest open prison in the world?

When will this man go away?

The new Catholicism Blair has embraced seems like a good fit. No doubts and absolute certainty. While desperately attempting to be seen as a global moral avatar Blair’s apologia as the Economist recently wrote comes across as“ the memoirs of a transatlantic business tycoon.”



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