The arrogance of Cardinal O’Brien

And this out of Great Britain as the pope touches down on Thursday.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland said liberalising Roman Catholic teachings on allowing women to join the priesthood “isn’t even considered by us” as it directly contradicted the church’s long held traditions that only men could be ordained.The good cardinal in defence of the indefensible said that he had recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa, and women played senior roles in his own diocese, but women had never been amongst Christ’s apostles.Wow what an argument! Neither were blacks or midgets! As if the Holy Spirit and evolution has not opened our eyes and minds to our narrow viewpoints.

Poor Keith O’Brien. Does he ever wonder why the Church no longer supports slavery?

Has he not heard of the “signs of the times” and the Church’s need to be open to fresh promptings of the Spirit? And maybe, just maybe Keith O’Brien, the Spirit is speaking for feminine inclusion at every level of the church.But you will never know because obviously you feel no need to “consult the laity” as Newman suggested.

No wonder people are walking away when such dumb remarks are emanating from chancery offices.

But the worst was yet to come.

“Certainly there will be some people who will object and have objected, but I’m not particularly concerned by that; everyone is entitled to their opinion,” he said.

Holy smoke! He’s not concerned!

Here Cardinal Newman is about to be beatified, the man who pressed for the idea of the Sensus fidelium” that the Church must heed the voice and wisdom of the baptized, that the Spirit is give to the People of God and not a rump of celibate men and he brushes all of this off with a dumb statement that all are entitled to their opinion.

News flash for Cardinal O’Brien : These “opinions” are just as valid as yours.

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