Where’s Robespierre?

Robert Reich, Clinton’s former Secretary of Labour appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show last week and laid the following stunner on all:

The 24 top money managers made $1 billion each last year! And the middle class is under water. The poor are barely hanging on.

Where’s Robespierre when we need him?. (Just kidding).

And the sheople are still in their seats watching Dancing with the Stars and survivor reruns. Will they ever wake up? These are the same folks who voted for Reagan and Dubya proving that it is very hard to pay serious attention in an advanced capitalist country.In France  and Greece the people would be in the streets. In America they are  on their couches…and yeah, the NFL season is just starting up.

Now they just get angry and support tea baggers and Rob Ford, the buffoon running for mayor in Toronto. Here’s an independently wealthy guy who makes a big deal out of his low expense account.Totally bereft of ideas or vision, he appears to have caught the “I’m mad as hell” crowd” who in unCanadian-like fashion appear to be on a “throww the bums out” jag. No intelligence, just anger.


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