Welcome back, Kotter

The teacher Mr. Jones was met the first week of school by the principal and the superintendant.

It was reported that student felt “uneasy” about a poster regarding Israeli apartheid.

That certainly is grounds for having a serious talk with this man posing as a teacher. What does he think erducation is.Where is the man’s head, upsetting as tudent? How did this supposed educator get a teaching certificate? Has nobody told him he must support the prevailing wisdom, the national consensus and that certainly does not include making any student uneasy.

Now the student is old enough to die in many countries serving the national interest.

But in Canada he must be protected from teachers like the above. And there are plenty of $100 grand men (and women) around to bring the teacher to his senses.

Don’t let us catch you doing this again or we will place you under review.

Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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