Ignatieff runs for cover on C-440

All we need to know about the dreadful poltical stasis in Canada is the failure of Bill C-440. This was the private members bill of Gerard Kennedy which would allow war resisters to stay…alll those who refused to fight in the illegal and immoral war, cobbled by the lies of GW Bush and supported by Tony Blair.

This nonbinding bill which relected the will of Parliament had already been passed twice before but on the third reading, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff turtled and ran for cover. That’s right he did not even show and took a number of Liberals with him. This of course caused the bill to fail.

Ironically this craven move coincided with the 10th anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death. The media predictably showed many of the famous pictures of PET.The most striking one I saw was one never before seen—Trudeau on top of a rock just about to dive off.

And here’s poor Ignatieff,disappearing, refusing to dive in, giving Canadians little reason to see Liberals as a party different from Harper’s Tories.


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