Canada blows it at the UN


So  Canada failed to win its bid for a seat on the UN Security Council.  After having placed last in the first two rounds of voting, and wanting to save face, Canada withdrew its bid, leaving Portugal to be named to the fifth and final seat.  It is the first time in the UN’s history that Canada has failed to earn a Security Council seat when it has been on the ballot.  Many believe the loss is a reflection of diminished international standing as the result of the current government’s foreign policy.There can be no doubt that the Harperites have enbarrassed Canada on the national stage again and agin—from the failure to support and repatriate Omar Khadr, to its turning its back on war resisters , its miserable footdragging on climate change.and the list goes on.

In his Star article Tom Walkom detailed the number of embarrassing gaffes by the Harper government, in particular its consistent support of Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands.This surely was a key factor in the UN’s rejection of the present government. We cringed in embarrassment when the Harperites suggestted  that Israel’s destruction of Lebanon in 2006 was a measured response.One IDF commander stated that over a million cluster bombs were lobbed into Lebanon killing civilians long after this debacle ended.These American made bombs killed at least 14 civilians after the cease fire.

And then there was the iDF murder of Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener , a Canadian UN worker targetted and killed by Israeli forces. The Harper government said nothing. And then the silence over the shocking overkill in Gaza.

What a come down on the international stage. All this capital squandered by the likes of Hillier and Harper.


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