Toronto the new laughing stock

Toronto once again has become the laughing stock of Canada with a new clown in the mayor’s chair.We thought Mel Lastman was embarrassing. Wait until you get a whiff of Rob Ford, a councillor who regularly was outvoted 38-1 on city hall votes.

An independently wealthy right wing Tory, Ford claimed the chair with a successful “clean up city hall” rant bought by the gullible citizenry—or “customers” as the Mike Harris clone now calls citizens.

Here’s a guy who claims no office expenses, lives in a million dollar home and goes after nickel and dime councillor’s office expenses and rings the popular “taxes” bell and people buy it.

People do not want to pay taxes and resented former mayor David Miller’s surcharge on licenses.They were obviously unaware that the Tory government gives no money for transit here—the only major North American city which does not get a huge subsidy to ferry its citizens around.You can’t run a major city on no revenue.The oafish Harris government downloaded major expenses on Metro Toronto.Try and be mayor and run a major city with the services people expect without taxes—the price we pay for a civilized city.

Let’s become America the global leader in every social pathology by refusing to pay taxes.Where do people think the money comes from to build a great city?

And now we have Rob Ford who dishonors the citizenry by importing hockey clown Don Cherry to  invest him with the mayor’s chain.One would expect a somewhat solemn occasion. Guess again.Even the right wing rag The Toronto Sun called hm out on this cheap piece of street theatre.

On his first official day as the Mayor of Toronto, during what should have been a ceremony to promote conciliation and collaboration, Rob Ford further entrenched divisions by inviting Don Cherry to place the chain of office around his neck.

Cherry’s rambling speech will be best remembered for childish name calling, including:

“Well, actually, I’m wearing pink for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything.” And: “Put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks.”

How very productive.

Cherry may be a prominent Canadian figure, he may be loved by many, but he is irrelevant to Toronto’s political process. If his rant is a sign of things to come from Team Ford, then we are headed for a tumultuous four years.


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    theobloke Says:

    The sad irony in Cdn. politics: the so-called “right” [Harper, Ford] verbally pander to the “ordinary” citizen in speeches and rhetoric, but in action and behind the scenes, pander to the very rich, corporate interests.

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