Richard Holbrooke the empire’s loyal servant

Well, my father used to say, “De mortuis, nisi bonum”  About the dead speak nothing but good. In the end however truth needs a hearing as well. Not to be found in the official corridors of American power or the mainline news organizations.

Case in point the sickening tributes by Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton on behalf of  the recently deceased Richard Holbrooke.The gap betwen reality and fact ofc ourse is usually glossed over in the emiddle of the American empire so I guee we should have expected it.

The official spokesman for the president PJ Crowley said it all

It is, of course, a very sad day here at the State Department. We have lost one of our own and a legendary figure in Richard Holbrooke, who could fill a room, including this one, as he did many times and took great pleasure in engaging the press in advancing whatever it was he was working on, whether it was peace in the Balkans, you know, peace in Congo as U.N. ambassador, or most recently, peace in South Asia in the context of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

No mention of course of Holbrooke’s lifelong service to “American interests” and when they collided as they most often did with fairness, justice, compassion and the common good, Holbrooke opted for thuggery and murder. fresh out of Brown University in the 60’s Richard Holbrooke cut his teeth  as Henry Kissinger’s spear carrier in Vietnam. This was a mere prelude to his dirty work in the genocide in East Timor (76-80) where a third of the population was killed with American blessing. For this alone Holbrooke was a war criminal.

Holbroke was a pure hawk, a right wing Democrat who facilitated  “US interests” wherever he went. A loyal tribune in the empire’s army.

As the great  journalist Jeremy Cahill summed his career up” He was a war maker and was someone who extended the tentacles of U.S. foreign policy.

That’s it in a nutshell—but you won’t read this truth in any mainline American publication


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