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Mike Harris lives! Flaherty’s nutty scheme

December 20, 2010

Yes, the failed policies of Mike Harris are back with us.

Jim Flaherty the former  finance minister under disgraced premier Mike Harris and who gave away the 407 hwy north of Toronto to give the middle class a dumb “tax break” has floated the rabid right, screw the poor idea at the first ministers meeting in alberta. And here it is– turn the Canada pension Plan (CPP) into another opportunity for banks abd financial institutions to make even more money while getting  the government out of securing a modicum of citizen dignity on retirement.

As the old Hasid on my street used to say, “Vodda putz.”

After the decline and fall of the financial institutions, Flaherty wants to play Russian roulette with  Canadian retirements. And with two out of three citizens today without RRSPs and most families stretched beyond their means.And with people moving from job to job already with pension plans which are not portable. Is this guy insane? No just a true believer in the holy market.

Is it any wonder  that the The Canadian Association of Bankers called the plan a ‘wonderful holiday gift’ within minutes of Flaherty’s announcement.

It sure as hell is.

What happened to the 78% of Canadians who want CPP enhanced?

Who floated this idea besides the banks and Flaherty?

Oh yeah, it was Texas north—Alberta.

Dwight Duncan,Ontario’s finace minister  speaking to this latest harebrained Tory scheme at the  meeting in Kananaskis   said Alberta appeared to be the lone holdout in supporting a CPP expansion which the feds supported in June.

“It appears as though they’re more concerned with what Alberta’s position is than the six provinces that have signed the letter requesting this,” said Duncan.“It’s just a wrong-headed decision.”

No kidding.