O tempora! O mores! 31 year old waffle thrower

Joseph Robb, Waffle Thrower, Banned From Home Games, Charged

So reads the sports page these days.
A Toronto Maple Leafs fan who threw waffles on the ice at the Air Canada Centre has been barred from the arena for his actions. 

Joseph Robb,Age 31  of Oakville, Ont., was charged with criminal mischief and barred from the arena for throwing waffles on the ice at a Maple Leafs game. It was done to protest the team’s performance this season. Toronto is 12-17-4, good for just 28 points. That ranks them 28th out of 30 NHLteams.

Robb says he’s “just a normal Leafs fan, I love them to death.”

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment vice president Bob Hunter says Robb’s actions Monday night were inappropriate. MLSE has banned Robb from other MLSE events at BMO Field and Ricoh Coliseum.

Hunter says MLSE bars one dozen to two dozen fans a year because of bad behavior.
Joe loves the Leafs to death.

The guy is 31! And he’s dressing up and tossing waffles on the ACC ice.
Now you know why the Tories are still the government and Rob Ford is mayor of Toronto.
Sports as religion.
And football season in  the USA is rolling again with those 31 year old cretins going ballistic.
O tempora ! O mores!

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