Warmongers’ Christmas: Don Cherry

The coach didn’t just go to Afghanistan to serve Christmas turkey but to help the soldiers in the war effort, too!

Ever wonder what an autographed artillery shell signed by Don Cherry would be worth on eBay?

So begins Joe Warmington’s column in Sunday’s Toronto Stun.and on the front page a full colur shot of the hockey clown and Canadian soldiers in Kandhar holding an artillery shell.

What a beautiful way top inspire kids about the peace  in this season of Isaiah’s vision of turning swords into ploughshares. Not to mention the birth of the nonviolent Jesus.

Bad enough that the CBC gives this oaf free air time to spew his racist comments and his pro-war crap, the good old STUN shoves it in our faces.

And these poor cannon fodder troops naive enough to believe they can build a nation and make war at the same  time. Thanks Stevie Harper.

LBJ said it best: you can’t have guns and butter.

No it was Jesus who said it best:  love our enemies and put away the sword.


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