Haiti:No more Cubas, please


According to Peter Hallward in his book Damming the Flood (pp. 275-310). Haiti has been experiencing “one of the most prolonged and intense periods of counter-revolution anywhere in the world. For the last 20 years, the most powerful political and economic interests in and around Haiti have waged a systematic campaign designed to stifle the popular movement and deprive it of its principal weapons, resources and leaders.”

Hailward has it dead on

Haiti has been subverted regularly by the US with Canadian complicity.

Aristide the populist priest won an overwhelming victory garnering an unprecedented majority in 1991.  He lasted seven months until a CIA thug Emmanuel Constant and his death squad goons subverted the government.Thousands were killed and Constant told  60 minutes he was the CIA’s man.

Aristide of course was allowed to return but was compelled turn the economy over to “the private sector”, meaning  foreign investors and the Haitian oligarchy who live in the hills above Port au Prince. In no circumstances could the society be run from the ground up, by the poor and for the poor, the vast majority. Aristide as we know was then eventually flown out of Haiti, another meddlesome reformer who rejected the neoliberal dream of exploitation.

Quite simply there will never be another Cuba in the US backyard. The country who exalts “freedom of choice” insists there will only one way to run an economy—for the wealthy and the powerful.

And while we are at it, let’s get rid of that meddler Hugo Chavez.


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