Unprecedented: “Our cops are tops.”

The policeman was buried with a state funeral.

Torontonians had never seen anything like it.

A decent cop doing his job was tragically run over by a berserk man driving a snowplow.

All stops were carried out. Even a televised funeral, a cortege through the streets.A widow and an orphan left behind. Coppers from all over the country.Who paid for this?

People begab asking why after a decent interval. Many innocent people die, more in industrial accidents.

Many believed it was a show to overcome the chief’s fall from grace during the G-20 when Harper foolishly set the scene in the downtown core. Many cops ran wild,abused human rights.

In B.C we saw another Mountie brutally manhandle a citizen.

The myth  must be bolstered: Our Cops are tops.


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