Al Jazeera

Time to call Rogers or Shaw and ask for Al Jazeera. It’s very cheap and can counteract the crud coming from FOX and other suspect “news” organizations,

Qatar-headquartered Al Jazeera has become the world’s most fearless

and dynamic broadcast news organization and one that is remarkably

influential in informing public opinion.  The combined effects of

reporting by Al Jazeera, the widespread publication of leaked official

documents and video by Wikileaks, along with YouTube, Twitter,

Facebook, and related advances in mass communications are rapidly

changing the way people communicate with one another.  These are

extraordinarily important elements in the growth and development of

organic non-violent grassroots movements demanding positive change

almost everywhere and at every level.  It’s largely but not

exclusively a youth movement.  And why shouldn’t it be?  They are the

ones who will have to live with the terrible consequences of older

generations’ stupidity, irresponsibility, greed, corruption, and

criminality.  It’s their world.  It is their tomorrow.


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