Stupor Bowl and Egypt

Poor old John McCain, yesterday’s man. Here he is with  a dead narrative called “The Islamists are coming”.His recent pathetic statement, “This is the most dangerous period in modern times, in our involvement with the Middle East.”

One does not know where to go with this nonsense. Other than”involvement in the Middle East.

Imagine an American who ran for president concerned about democrcacy breaking out!

And forcing out a dictator and a cruel one at that, propped up for 32 years by the USA!

This whole explosion of popular wills has sent the American empire spinning.and as usual they must find a bogey man—The Islamists will do, despite all credible Egyptians pooh poohing this.

People are waking up to the fact that the USA was never concerned about democracy—why would they prop up a cruel thug for 32 years? Why has this gone unnoticed in the great western home of democracy?In the press? The school system? Because it challenges the MYTH of the USa as the exceptional country, the fomenter of freedom etc. All lies.

Well it’s STUPOR BOWL weekend! More “ centrifugal bumble puppy” the bread and circuses diversions,the SOMA that Aldous Huxley warned us of in his classic BRAVE NEW WORLD written in 1946!

And who would listen to McCain or take this man seriously? A war hero? for dropping bombs on defenceless Vietnamese? Only in America would  a  man like this have any credibility.

Go Packers go! Dancing with Stars! Reality shows! and on and on the diversions go.


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