The Empire’s men

Frank Wisner is a U.S. envoy sent to Cairo during the beginning of the anti-government protests, the protests which have sent the democracy loving US into a tizzy. Why the US did not go through their ambasador is anybody’s guess. But there is  nobody who has the  experience of Frank Wisner, a longtome pal of dictator Hosni Mubarak, the thug who has enriched himself and carried Amertica’s water in the Middle East for over 30 years.Wisner like all of the special envoys (James Baker, Kissinger, Richard Holbrooke et al) is no fan of democracy as the people’s will but rather of Empire politics, trusted thugs who will keep the lid on and play footsie with Israel while fellow Palestinian Muslims are denied freedoms in “the only democracy in the Middle East.”


The 72 year old Wisner grew up at his daddy’s knee.The elder Frank Wisner fomented the coup aginst Guatemala in 1954, putting an end to Arbenz’s modest democratic reforms which enraged the United Fruit Company.But Wisner pere was just warming up.The Iranians had a strange idea that the oil discovered there should be nationalized and so Mohammed Mossadegh, still a hero there was shoved out in 1954 and that pillar of human rights the Shah was installed.

Wisner Jr has been a loyal servant of the Empire in the Philipines, India and with his good friend Hosni Mubarak in Egypt where he srved from 186-1991.Wisner made sure that Mubarak was given all the military toys he needed to the tune of $1.5 billion a year. And we never heard a peep from this great lover of democracy about anybody’s human rights.Torture and rendition became rampant under Mubarak and the proposed successor Omar Suleiman whom the US dearly would love to put on the throne as the next pharaoh.

Just as the US began to stickhandle around the obvious deep disgust of the Egyptian people and their loyalty to Mubarak, Wisner let the cat out of the bag by saying Mubarak must stay in power. Hilary Clinton the meddling Secretary of State (more on her next day) was furious. Frank, Frank stop blowing our cover.Remember we love democracy!

Remember Hilary’s “We have confidence in the stability of his [Mubarak] regime” and Vice-President Joe Biden saying, “I would not refer to him as a dictator.”No but both of you do not live in Egypt either.




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