Time’s up for Uncle Sam

The UN General assembly resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes  and live at peace with their neighbours should be allowed to do so at the earliest practicable date and that compensation should be paid for their property of those choosing not to return.

UN resolution 194  1948

The volcanic eruptions in the Arab world has stripped the United States of its proud moniker as a champion of democracy. Supporting the Pharaonic dictator and thief Hosni Mubarak for 32 years  has blown their cover and the Wizard of Oz has had the democratic curtain removed. The  latest embarrassment is the failure of Clinton and Obama to speak of the  shambolic dictatorship in Bahrain where the US fleet is cossetted.

And now the embarrassment of the latest  Security council resolution around the Occupied Territories. The vote was  14-1 regarding the settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It  declared  them as ” manifestly illegal and a major obstacle to any chance of peace.”And good old Uncle Sam true to its hypocritical posturing exercised its veto, refusing to join the rest of the world( oh, excuse me Stephen Harper excluded) in condemning the ongoing land grab and the fake Peace negotiations which have been going on.

Israel and its unjust Occupation of Palestinian lands has become a pariah on the international stage and a gross liability to the United States of America…and now the whole world is becoming aware of what the Arab street has long known.


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