The incurious Stephen Harper: Why did he never leave Canada?

All the rugby players filled the Balmy Beach Club on Saturday afternoon. They were watching a major match and hence the joint was jammed. On my way out from my daily workout  Mike assailed me, a former rugby player from Ottawa.

We looked up at the screen and there it was once again—the famous attack ad of Stephen Harper ridiculing Michael Ignatieff for going abroad and making it at Harvard. You know the one that says, “Just visiting.”The Tories are inundating the airwaves with these obnoxious attack ads.

I do not hold a brief for Iggy.He has failed to distinguish the Liberal Party as a viable alternative to the Harperites.And as the adage goes, people will alays choose the real thing—in this case Harper over Harper Lite Ignatieff and the Liberals.Ignatiieff to me showed a stunning lack of judgment during the Iraq War as did Richard Gwyn of the Star  at that time the  chancellor of a Catholic university. I did not take Gwyn seriously after that.But I have to take Iggy

But if i were in the Liberal War Room  I would put ads up —and Ken Dryden alluded to this in his book Becoming Canada. He asks a very pertinent question about Harper a child of white privilege who never had any money problems or a valid reason for not traveling

“What about Harper staying, about never leaving the shores of  North America before he became leader of the Conservative Party in 2004. For the first 45 years of his life! Harper never was one of those “backpackers” who wanted to see and learn and come back changed with new energy, new appreciations new understandings of Canada…why this monumental incurtiosity? Why did he never leave?”


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