Teachers for Palestine fights blood money

The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan (OTTP) invests on behalf of those who have served in this most noble of professions. Over the years several teachers of conscience has challenged this adamantine group about where and who our ension money is going. One would think that teachers would not wish to prosper on the backs of others who suffer. If you thought that you would be wrong. Sadly most teachers are unaware or simply do not care to know where their money is invested.

The latest enbarrassing revelation raises its ugly head once again in April when the OTTP convenes at their annual general meeting in April.It turns out that the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has over $582 million invested in corporations that maintain Israeli apartheid. That is a lot of blood money on the conscience of those of us who stood in fear and trembling as moral agents in front of young people as teachers.

This is being challenged by Teachers for Palestine, a grassroots movement of public and Catholic teachers.These teachers are responding to the onging call from Palestinian civil society for Bocott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Since Teachers for Palestine launched its petition calling for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to divest from Israeli apartheid, 120 OTPP members have signed.  This is a grassroots group without formal union affiliation, so we really depend on word of mouth to raise awareness of the brutal corporate practices funded by teachers’ money.



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