Obama loses mojo in Haiti

What in God’s name with Obama? Did this brother have a mojo and if he did where did he lose it?

As deposed Haitian president the overwhelming voice of the Haitian people got on the plane to take him from exile in south Africa to his home in Haiti, his lawyer revealed that Obama had implored President Zuma of South Africa not to let him go!

Every democrat of any stripe should be disgusted at this.

Why is the USA so terrified of a man who embodies the essence of democracy, a man so overwelmingly elected by his own people—and so cruelly ousted by a US coup?

The answer is simple: The USA is always terrified of anybody who actually represents the poor of the country…witness the visceral hatred and illegal activity of the CIA and State Dept in country after country—Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Guatemala,El Salvador,Venezuela and poor, poor Haiti
Aristide was accompanied by that consistent champion of the disenfranchised actor Danny Glover who said:

“The State Department has said essentially that President Aristide left voluntarily from Haiti seven years ago. He did not leave voluntarily. We all know that; history recounts that, what happened.”

Aristide said before his arrival in Port au Prince:

“I think that the Haitian people are very happy, happy to know that we are on our way heading to Haiti, happy to know that finally their dream will be fulfilled by things on the ground because they fought hard for democracy. They always wanted the return to happen and now it is happening. I share their happiness, I share their hope and I renew my commitment to serve them in the field of education, once we move together towards [such a goal]. And I also thank so many of our other friends of the Haitian people that share the same goal. I thank them on behalf of the Haitian people.”

We should fear for his safety.

As for Obama, a massive disappointment.


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