Archbishop Dolan, affable bloviator

Archbishop Tim Dolan probably delighted Catholic bloggers with his jovial bantering with Morley Safer on Sunday’s 60 Minutes. He readily admitted the depth of the sex abuse scandal but shied away from the pathetic enabling of his brother bishops and he prided himself on “the contant teaching of the Church”—no break with celibacy, women priests etc.It was sad. As if Catholic teaching never changes and as if he were “the teacher” from the bully pulpit of New York.

Dolan like many other prelates in big Sees is following Vatican orders that he is “the teacher”—but this is impossible unless he consults the huge number of baptized Catholics through whom the spirit blows—and most would not agree with the affable Dolan. And he has no interest in listening to the “sensus fidelium”.

This is not a leader at all.He is a sad apparatchik who takes orders from far away as millions leave the Catholic church because of the hubris of their so called leaders.

Even Pope JP ll had it right in 2004:

Certainly this will involve a conscious effort on the part of each bishop to develop, within his particular Church, structures of communion and participation which make it possible… to listen to the Spirit who lives and speaks in the faithful.”

There are no “structures of communion” in New York. Monologue, even in a folksy manner is no substiute for dialogue.


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  1. “I recognize my limitations and my miseries, but I cannot renounce the role that Christ has given me; to be the sign of the Church’s unity, teaching and truth in the archdiocese.” Archbishop Oscar Romero, 25 February, 1979

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