Human Rights are indivisible

The Holocaust was once owned by Jews and the Shoah was indeed catastrophe for European Jews innocent and the victims of a virulent antisemitism and an anti-Judaism , the poisonous legacy of the Christian churches.
Sadly the shoah was used by Israel and its great backer the United States to mute any criticism of the Jewish state in its ethic cleansing of Palestinians. This has been documented by great Jews like Tony Judt, Norman Finklestein and latterly by former speaker of the Knesset Avram Burg in his book The Holocaust is Over.

Well apparently not.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg with a Harper appointee in charge attempted to place the Shoah front and centre and exclude other examples of genocide in the 20th century.

Not so fast said the Ukrainian Canadian Civl Liberties Association. They asked and legitimately so, What about the Holodomor”, the 3.3 million Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin in 1932-3. Also mentioned was the first 20th century genocide of the Armenians at the hands of Turkey.

Nanos did a poll and Canadians rejected the Shoa-centric emphasis for a “one exhibit/all genocides” approach.

This makes sense.

The Shoah taught us a universal; lesson: Never again to anybody.All humans are precious.


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