“I’m voting for Israel.”

The Toronto Star columnist Tom Walkom gave us a good snapshot of the sad aspects of this federal election. Two women voting Tory because “Stephen Harper is good for the tribe”. Code: Jews. Not good for Canada, good for Israel. Walkom follows:

in Toronto’s Upper Forest Hill Village, Diane Plant and Anna Pollock are discussing Liberal incumbent Joe Volpe’s chances of keeping his seat in the May 2 election.

“I’ll definitely be voting Conservative,” says Plant, a realtor. “It’s too bad. Volpe’s a nice guy. He follows through and is interested.”

Pollock, also a realtor, breaks in. “I love (Conservative Leader Stephen) Harper,” she says enthusiastically. “He’s great. And he’s good to us.”

Us? Plant smiles. “You know. The tribe. Jews. He (Harper) is pro-Israel and we need that.”

Poor Volpe.The kippa-wearing political hack who stole the riding from fellow Liberal Roland de Corneille 23 years ago must be beside himself. Whatever Israel does is fine for Joe.It may not be enough.


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